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Civilian Police Review Board

The Civilian Police Review Board hears appeals of complaints submitted by residents concerning actions taken by Durham police officers. The Durham Police Department’s Professional Standards Division initially investigates these complaints. If a complainant is not satisfied with the outcome of the investigation, he or she may file a request for a hearing with the board.
The board’s mandate is to determine whether or not the investigation was conducted in an appropriate manner, specifically, whether the police department abused its discretion in the conduct of the investigation. The board will examine the written evidence submitted by the complainant and the police department to determine whether a hearing should be held. The board will hold a hearing only if that evidence persuades the board that a hearing is justified. The board’s findings are submitted to the city manager for his or her action.
The board consists of nine residents of the city, all of whom are appointed by the City Manager and confirmed by the City Council. Members serve staggered four-year terms, and are eligible for reappointment.
Meeting Time
Meetings are held at least quarterly, generally on the 4th Wednesday of the last month of the quarter, at 5:30 p.m. in City Hall. Additional meetings may be held if justified by the board’s workload.

Complete and submit the Request to Appeal form electronically​ 

Mail or Deliver to: 
Office of the City Clerk
101 City Hall Plaza
Durham, N.C. 27701​

Civilian Police Review Board Annual Report
2013-2014 Report
2012-2013 Report
2011-2012 Report

​  Board Members Term Expiration
  Deborah W. Bowling ​  6/30/2015
​  Kelli A. Dugan ​  6/30/2018
  Rachel H. Green (Vice-Chair)   6/30/2018
  David L. Harris
​  6/30/2018
​  Stephen E. Kraus ​  6/30/2015
  DeWarren K. Langley (Chair)
​  6/30/2015
  David A. Smith    6/30/2018
​  Susan J. Veasey ​  6/30/2018
  Cynthia "Cindy" L. Wells​   6/30/2015