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Human Relations News and Information

The Human Relations Commission (HRC) members are appointed by the City Council and one of their most important duties is to conduct public forums and hear complaints involving racial tension and to assist in the resolution of the complaints. 

Mayor William V. "Bill" Bell asked the HRC to conduct a review of allegations of racial bias and racial profiling by the Durham Police Department and to submit recommendations to the City Council. The following reports and documentation have been submitted to the HRC by the Durham Police Department and various organizations, groups and individuals to support their position regarding the allegations.
Police Final Response to Allegations of Racial Profiling and Bias-Based Policing February 17, 2014
DPD Racial Profiling Response
DPD Follow Up to Human Relations Commission
DPD Presentation December 3, 2013 at Human Relations Committee Meeting
Durham Police Final Report - December 4, 2013

Durham Police Department handouts from December 3, 2013 Human Relations Committee Meeting:
Basic Law Enforcement Training - Table of Contents
DPD Application Process
DPD Citizen Complaint Information by District - 2012
DPD Follow-up Documentation to DHRC - December 2, 2013     
DPD Officer Involved Shootings Demographics of Officer-Suspect - June 2013
DPD Police Training Officer Program
DPD Rank Demographics - November 27, 2013
DPD Sworn Police Personnel Demographics by District - November 25, 2013
DPD Total Vehicle Stops in CAD by District - 2007-2012
DPD Warrantless Searches and Bias-Based Police Complaint Information by District
DPD 2010 Census Demographic Information by District
DPD 2010 Census Demographic Information Citywide
DPD Arrestee, Census, and Suspect Demographics 2008-2012
DPD Arrestee and Suspect Description Demographics 2008-2012
DPD Arrestee Demographics by District 2008-2012
DPD Durham Citywide Arrests by Age 2008-2012
DPD Individual Standard Status Report
DPD Suspect Descriptions by District 2008-2012
DPD Suspect Descriptions Citywide from 2008-2012
US Census Bureau Durham Poverty Status

Statements and Responses to Durham Police Department:                                 
FADE Coalition Response
Comments of Jesse Gibson - October 2013
FADE Coalition Recommendations to DHRC - October 2013
FADE Response to DPD's Final Report to City Manager - December 2013
FADE Statement to City Council Work Session - September 19, 2013
Handout of Chris Tiffany - December 2013
Information From DeWarren Langley Chair of Civilian Police Review Board - October 2013
Letter From Anita Keith-Foust to City Council - September 13, 2013
Police Attorney, City of Fayetteville, Opinion On Proposed Council Moratorium Regarding Consent Searches
SCSJ Fact Sheet on Durham Police Stop-and-Search Data - September 2013
Statement of David Hall FADE - November 2013
Statement of FADE - September 2013
Statement of Jeremy Collins SCSJ - November 2013
Statement of NAACP - November 2013
Statement of Nia Wilson FADE - November 2013
Statement of Speaker Chris Tiffany - November 2013
Statement of Speaker Cleve May - October 2013
Statement of Speaker Ian Mance SCSJ - November 2013
Statement of Speaker Tia Hall of FADE - October 2013
UNC Report On NC Traffic Stop Statistics Analysis - February, 2012