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Southside Revitalization


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Southside Phasing D​iagram
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Project Summary  

The Southside project area consists of approximately 125 acres located on the southern edge of downtown Durham and just north of North Carolina Central University (NCCU). Boundaries of the project area are generally Lakewood Avenue on the north, the American Tobacco Trail on the west, Umstead Street on the south and Fayetteville Street on the east.

After years of economic disinvestment, the area was found to contain the highest concentrations of vacant properties of any Durham neighborhood and one of the lowest rates of homeownership. Just over 28 percent of all residential parcels in the area are vacant lots and approximately 24 percent of the existing residential units vacant.

Despite the historic disinvestment that has occurred, Southside has certain strategic advantages over other challenged Durham neighborhoods. First, is its proximity to downtown, Forest Hills and other stable neighborhoods, NCCU and the Durham freeway. Secondly, the area is relatively small, compact and manageable.

The objective of the City's revitalization strategy for Southside is to attract long-term, private investment. Within the project area, there are significant redevelopment opportunities over the coming decades. That strategy consists of substantial and focused investments to create new high quality rental and homeownership units to form a critical mass that such private investment can build upon. The City's hope is that investment on the south side of the Durham freeway will yield similar returns as the decision to build the Durham bulls Athletic Park on the north side of the freeway.

Rendering of the proposed new development on Lakewood Ave.

Revitalization Underway
The first phase of the Southside Revitalization Project is located on the southeast corner of Lakewood Avenue and Roxboro Street. The 132 unit multi-family rental project. It will consist of 12 buildings to include 80 affordable rental units as follows: 42 single bedroom units, 34 two-bedroom units and four three-bedroom units. Twenty of the units will be reserved for families earning 30 percent or below of the area median income, 12 units will be reserved for families earning 50 percent or below of the area median income and the 48 remaining units will be restricted to families earning 60 percent or below of the area median income. In addition, there will be 39 market rate units and 13 commercial live/work units. Amenities include a computer room, exercise room, community supportive services, a community room, picnic areas and an outdoor swimming pool.

Buildings 1, 3-12 are complete with lease up of the units underway.  Building 2, along with the pedestrian mall, pond and landscaping are scheduled for completion in early spring 2015. 

For inquiries regarding Southside multi-family rental units, contact Donee Dozier​, property manager, by email or at (919) 973-2183.

Site Activity 

Water Feature at the intersection of  Roxboro Street and Lakewood Avenue including Buildings 1 and 2

Multi-family units on Memphis Street near completion



Parking/Rear of units on Chestnut Street​



View from Building 1 looking into Downtown Durham



Building 2 under construction​