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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Fire Inspectors Go Paperless for Business Inspections

New Software Enables Immediate Billing and Payments for Businesses

​DURHAM, N.C. – Durham businesses won’t have to wait the usual 30-to-45 days to receive their inspection reports and bills in the mail thanks to a partnership between the Durham Fire Department and California-based company, Fire Recovery USA. 

Fire inspectors are set to launch the automated inspection program to expedite inspections, making the entire process more convenient for businesses and fire inspectors, beginning July 1, 2013.

According to Fire Marshal Edward Reid, fire inspectors previously provided handwritten inspections and billing was done on a monthly basis. “Now with the automated inspection program, fire inspectors will use iPads to send billing and inspection reports out immediately by email. Business owners without email addresses will receive their bills through traditional mail and will likely receive them within a couple days,” Reid said. “This new software won’t affect the way we conduct inspections, it will just improve the process by providing our customers with their bills sooner while also improving our inspection efficiency.”

All businesses that require annual and/or new construction fire inspections and fire permits within the city limits will receive the new inspection billing modifications.

For information, contact Sierra Mckoy, public information officer for the Durham Fire Department, at (919) 560-4233, ext. 19242 or by email at  

About the Durham Fire Department
The Durham Fire Department strives to provide a cost-effective level of service designed to protect and prevent the loss of life and property from the adverse effects of fires, medical emergencies and exposure to dangerous conditions created by either man or nature. The department offers fire education and suppression programs; enforces state and city fire codes; investigates arson and the causes of fires; provides basic training skills to recruits and in-service personnel and conducts a preventive fire maintenance program to ensure equipment is dependable and efficient. To learn more, visit or

Published: 06/27/2013 - Last Edited: