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2017 Community Workshop Registration Form

  1. The 2017 Community Workshop is coordinated and hosted annually by the Durham Police Department Community Resource Unit. This years event will held on April 1, 2017 at the Carolina Theater from 8:30 am. to 1 pm.

  2. Synthetic Drugs, Burglary Awareness, Court Watch, Victim Services, Citizen Observer Patrol, You & Five O, New Liaison Officers.

  3. Participation is limited to the first 150 persons who confirm attendance by close of business, Friday, March 17, 2017. Breakfast provided to registered attendees.

  4. 1. What Police/PAC district do you live in? *

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  5. 2. Is this your first time attending this event? *

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  6. 3. Does your neighborhood have an established Neighborhood Watch program that is active? *

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  8. 5. If you answered “No” or “Don’t Know” to Question 3, are you interested in helping to establish an active Neighborhood Watch group in your neighborhood?*

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  9. 6. What other Durham Police Department community engagement programs, outreach services and activities, and observances are familiar to you?*

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  10. 7. How did you learn about this year’s annual workshop event?

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  11. 8. How do you prefer to receive Police Department news?

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  12. 10. Can public affairs staff call you for more insights that will help the department better promote its programs, identify participation challenges, and engage more residents?

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