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Field Rental Request Form

  1. Field Rental Request Form

    Select a park, field and sport from the options below. If you have any questions please email Please note, this is a request form and does not guarantee a permit for the field you are requesting. A staff member will follow up after receiving your request to confirm availability and review payment process.

  2. Directions

    Please choose one option for each category. For multiple park requests, please submit multiple applications. When selecting "other," please specify in the "details" section. Be sure to submit your rosters along with your request. Lastly, please be sure to differentiate between games (G) and practices (P).

  3. Bethesda Park

  4. C.M. Herndon

  5. Campus Hills

  6. Cook Road

  7. Crest Street

    1. East Durham

      1. East End

      2. Garret Road

      3. Hillside Park

      4. Holton

      5. Lakeview

        1. Long Meadow

        2. Lyon Park

          1. Morreene Road

          2. Old Chapel Hill Road

            1. Old Farm Road

            2. Old North Durham

            3. Oval Drive

              1. Pineywood

              2. Red Maple

              3. River Forest

              4. Rock Quarry

              5. Sherwood

              6. Solite

              7. Snow Hill

              8. Southern Boundaries

              9. Twin Lakes

              10. Valley Springs

              11. Walltown

              12. W.D. Hill

              13. Weaver Street

              14. Whippoorwill

              15. Wrightwood

              16. Sport(s)*

                ***For "Other," please explain in "Details."

              17. Please indicate "Yes" or "No." There is s $10.00 Lining Fee, and must be requested at least two (2) weeks in advance.

              18. *Required if requesting lining* Please indicate requested base length. For example "60 ft."

              19. *Required if requesting lining* Please indicate "Yes" or "No."

              20. *Required if requesting lining* Please indicate "Yes" or "No."

              21. Please Check*

              22. Leave This Blank:

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