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Audit Services

  1. Audit Client Survey
  2. Fraud | Waste | Abuse Tip Hotline

    The City is continually working to provide its citizens with prompt efficient audit services. Your comments are important to us. Thank... More…

  1. Deferred Maintenance Submittal Form

City Clerk

  1. Civilian Police Review Board Request for Appeal Hearing

    The role of the Durham Civilian Police Review Board (CPRB) is to receive appeals from residents who are not satisfied with the... More…

  1. Staff Customer Survey Form

City Manager's Office

  1. Durham One Call Resident Satisfaction Online Survey

    Customer satisfaction survey for Durham One Call on the City of Durham website

City Spotlight

  1. Help Us Find the STARs

    Show and Tell - When someone shows one of our 7 values tell us! They can become award recipients (STARs). To nominate an employee or... More…

Durham Emergency Communications Center

  1. 911 Customer Satisfaction Survey

    Form to give feedback on your experience with Durham 9-1-1

Economic & Workforce Development

  1. Durham YouthWork Internship Sign-up for Program Updates

    Sign-up here for updates on the Durham YouthWork Internship Program including upcoming events for the YouthWork Passport program and... More…

  2. NCWorks Career Center Sign in Form

    NCWorks Career Center Sign in Form

  3. Recruiting & Training Contact Us Form
  4. YouthWork Position Request Form
  1. Former Offender Contact Us Form
  2. OEWD test form

    test form test form

  3. Youth Services Contact Us Form

General Services

  1. Deferred Maintenance Submittal Form
  2. Police and Emergency Communications HQ contact info

    For those interested in receiving updates on next steps for the current HQ site at 505 W. Chapel Hill St.

  1. Deferred Maintenance Submittal Form
  2. Water Into Trees

    Water into trees sign up form

Neighborhood Improvement Services

  1. COPY_Neighbor Spotlight Nomination Form

    Neighbor Spotlight is a new program from the City of Durham’s Neighborhood Improvement Services Department. The purpose of the program... More…

  2. Neighbor Spotlight Nomination Form

    Neighbor Spotlight is a new program from the City of Durham’s Neighborhood Improvement Services Department. The purpose of the program... More…

  1. Housing Discrimination Complaint Form

Office of Public Affairs

  1. Durham Neighborhood College Program Application Form
  2. Update & Newsletter Subscription Form

    Receive the latest information from the City of Durham via email. Simply check the boxes of the publications, newsletters or updates... More…

  1. Speaker Request Form

    To request a presentation, please complete the following form. You will be notified by email that we have received your request and you... More…

Parks & Recreation Department

  1. Contact Us

    Have a question, comment or suggestion? Please complete the form below.

  2. Field Rental Request Form

    Select a park, field and sport from the options below. If you have any questions please email Please... More…

  3. Special Use Facility Rental Application Form

    Please complete this form for Special Use Facility Rental requests. Please note, submitting this information does not guarantee a... More…

  4. Volunteer Application Form
  1. DPR Event Marketing Request

    This form is for all groups outside of Durham Parks and Recreation department to submit to request DPR attendance at a community event... More…

  2. Performer Registration Form

    Entering your information in this database does not guarantee you a performance slot.

  3. Vendor Registration Form

    Entering your information in this database does not guarantee you a vendor slot.

Planning Department

  1. Affordable Housing Bonus Program Public Meeting - Comments

    Affordable Housing Bonus Program Public Meeting - Comment Sheet

  2. Old West Durham – Neighborhood Protection Overlay
  3. Urban Open Space Plan

    Thank you for taking time to review and comment on the draft Urban Open Space Plan! Follow this link to view the document. The results... More…

  1. Angier-Driver Business District

    What is your vision? The purpose of this survey is to brainstorm ideas for a vision for the Angier-Driver Business District. Please... More…

  2. Organization Sign-Up Form

    This form is used to allow organizations or persons to sign up for notification of Planning items and to register neighborhood... More…

  3. Zoning Violation Investigation Request

Police Department

  1. Citizen Complaint Form
  2. Commendation Form

    Commendations received by the Police Department will be forwarded to the employee and his or her supervisor. A copy of the... More…

  3. DPD Neighborhood Watch Quarterly Report

    Durham Police Department Neighborhood Watch Quarterly Report

  4. National Night Out Registration
  1. Citizens Police Academy Form

    Citizens Police Academy Form

  2. Community Services Bureau Request

    Community Services Bureau Request Form

  3. Durham Police Department Partnership Request

Public Works

  1. Stormwater Pollution Reporting Form

    Use this form to file a complaint if you see illegal dumping or notice stormwater pollution. Illegal dumping generally refers to... More…

Solid Waste

  1. Thank you for becoming a Yard Waste Customer!

    Fillable Yard Waste Service Agreement

Technology Solutions

  1. Test Functionality
  1. Website Feedback Form

    Please use this form to provide your feedback on the New City of Durham Website.

Transportation Department

  1. Comments, Suggestions & Ideas for the Durham Bike & Hike Map

    Thank you for providing feedback on the Durham Bike and Hike Map. Please read all the questions before starting, so we can sort your... More…

  2. Online Bicycle Rack Location Request Form
  3. Traffic Signal Problem
  1. MPO Public Comments

    MPO Public Comments Form

  2. Traffic Sign & Markings Problem

Water Management

  1. Opt-in Backflow Preventer Testing Program
  2. Reclaimed Water Certification Registration

    Registration form for reclaimed water certification courses.

  3. Water Restriction Violation Report Form
  1. Presentation and Event Request

    Complete this form to request a presentation or activity from a member of the Water Efficiency and Conservation Program staff.

  2. Water Reclamation Facility Tour Request and Participant Information

    Please complete this form to request a tour of one of our water reclamation facilities. Requests should be made a minimum of 2 weeks in... More…

  3. Water Utility Billing Service Request Form