Watershed Special Projects

The City of Durham Stormwater and GIS Services Division is currently working on the following watershed projects. We will continue to update these pages as information changes. Please refer to the information on individual project pages for contact information.
  1. Stormwater & GIS Home

  2. South Ellerbe Stormwater Project

    Information and plans for the stormwater project at the former Duke Diet and Fitness Center

  3. Eno River Watershed Improvement Plan

    The Public Works Department is working on the Eno River Watershed Improvement Plan.

  4. Green Infrastructure

    Stormwater & GIS Services within the Department of Public Works finds innovative ways to include green infrastructure practices throughout the City.

  5. Ellerbe Creek Projects

    Learn about the ongoing projects in the Ellerbe Creek Watershed.

  6. Ellerbe Creek Watershed Improvement Plan

    Ellerbe Creek has a rich history and includes some of the oldest development in the city - some even dating back to the 1800s. While historical areas are of great cultural value, they can be a problem for our water. Most of the land in this watershed was already developed when regulations and ordinances began requiring stormwater management.

  7. Little Lick Creek Watershed Plan

    The Public Works Department is working on the Little Lick Creek Watershed Improvement Plan.

  8. Northeast & Crooked Creek Improvement Project

    The Public Works Department is working on the Northeast Creek and Crooked Creek Watershed Management Implementation Project.

  9. Third Fork Creek Watershed Improvement Project

    The Stormwater Services Division has contracted with Tetra Tech, an engineering firm, to complete a study and assessment of Third Fork Creek and its watershed within the city limits.