Important Announcements

The City of Durham is proposing to consolidate current Sections 8.1, 8.2 and Stormwater Development Review-related requirements from Section 8.0 of the Reference Guide for Development into a revised Section 8.1 titled “Stormwater Impact Analysis”. This section will provide guidance for preparation of the Stormwater Impact Analysis required at site plan stage for each development project.

Please review the draft revised Section 8.1 for comment. Please take the time to review the documents and provide constructive feedback on what you feel can be improved upon with regard to this document. The City would like general feedback on what individual items included are preferred, what items are disliked, and suggestions on how to improve what items are not preferred. Comments which have broader applicability and improve all stakeholder’s objectives are more likely to be incorporated.

Thank you for taking your time to review these draft documents and providing feedback. Please email any and all comments to under the subject “RGD Comments” by April 30, 2018.