Important Announcements

  1. SCM Design Standards
The NC Department of Environmental Quality (NCDEQ) updated its website the first of the year to include a new Stormwater Design Manual.  This draft manual is scheduled to be completed by January 31, 2017; NCDEQ will be accepting comments on it until March 31, 2017, and will then finalize it sometime afterward.  This design manual is for review of construction drawings under NCDEQ’s regulatory permit approval process.

Section 8.3 of the City of Durham Reference Guide for Development contains the design guidelines applicable to stormwater control measures within the City of Durham.  Under Section 8.3 B., Design Documents, the following text references the State Design Manual.

“To regulate stormwater control measure design and construction, the City of Durham utilizes the following:

•           The latest addition of the North Carolina Division of Water Quality Stormwater Best Management Practices Manual and its associated BMP Manual Errata Sheet.”  

To clarify what the City views as the latest addition of the State manual, it is the finalized and adopted version.  This version is included on the NC DEQ’s webpage as “Archived Stormwater Design Manual 2009-2016”.  Therefore, the City will continue to review plans with the identical design criteria utilized since the current version of Section 8.3 of the Reference Guide for Development was adopted October 2013.  

Once NC DEQ’s New Stormwater Design Manual has been finalized, the City will fully determine its applicability for use.  At that time a letter to industry will be forwarded advising of any formal changes to the design standards contained in Section 8.3 of the City of Durham Reference Guide for Development.  Please be advised that it is the City’s desire to be aligned with NCDEQ design requirements to the extent possible.  However, in this case, the new minimum design criteria and the applicable design guidance still need to be fully vetted.