Important Announcements

BMP Facility Hand-off Meetings
A stormwater BMP Hand-off Meeting is a meeting between the development’s Homeowner Association (HOA), the Developer, and city staff. This meeting occurs after approval of the BMP as-built drawings. This meeting is to provide a smooth transfer of BMPs from the developer to the HOA, and to provide an opportunity for the HOA to better understand their obligations, developer’s responsibilities, and city requirements. At this time, the meeting is not a requirement. For information, refer to the HOA Bulletin (PDF).

Extension of BMP Certifying Engineer Program to All BMPs
As announced to Industry in the Announcement of BCE Program Extension (PDF) published on August 20, 2010, the BCE Program has been extended from stormwater dry ponds, wet ponds, and wetlands to include all stormwater BMPs. The BCE Program has become Section 8.6 (PDF) of a revised Reference Guide for Development, currently under development.

Important Changes to the Nutrient Offset Option
The important changes to the Nutrient Offset Option are under the Neuse, Tar-Pamlico and Jordan Nutrient Strategies, effective September 1, 2010. The new rules govern the use of offset payments in the Neuse, Tar-Pamlico and Jordan watersheds, as well as under any future nutrient strategy. The North Carolina Ecosystem Enhancement Program and North Carolina Division of Water Quality have been working with affected parties and the North Carolina Environmental Management Commission to develop the rules required by the General Assembly under Session Law 2007-438 et seq.

On July 15, 2010, the EMC adopted 2 rules under Title 15A of NCAC, 2B.0240 and 2B.0274. On August 19, 2010, the North Carolina Rules Review Commission approved them. The September 1 effective date satisfies a timeframe mandated under SL 2009-484. See the attached document (PDF) for complete details of this announcement.

For EEP’s nutrient offset payment program information, contact:
Kelly Williams
In-Lieu Fee Program Coordinator
Phone: 919-707-8915 (Monday - Thursday)

Stormwater Utility Fee Credit Manual
A revision has been made to the Stormwater Utility Fee Credit Manual. The revision (PDF) is available online. If you have questions about the revision or stormwater utility fee credits, contact Stormwater Services at 919-560-4326 and ask to speak with someone in Stormwater Development Review. If you have questions about your current stormwater utility fee, call the Stormwater Billing Services Unit at 919-560-1258.

Manual Files
Information for Non-Contiguous Parcels
Development that has met the onsite treatment requirement in Section 70-741 of the city’s Stormwater Performance Standards for Development ordinance may include within the proposed Development noncontiguous properties (“donor parcels”). These donor parcels must be available from a land bank via an agreement recorded prior to October 1, 2011 that perpetually protects the donor parcels from development. All purchases or commitments for the use of donor parcels must be made prior to October 1, 2015.

Information on the Stormwater Facility Agreement & Covenants
The City of Durham Public Works Department announces changes to the Stormwater Facility Agreement and Covenants and the Replacement Fund. The Stormwater Permit Fee for Stormwater BMPs (Best Management Practices) remains at $3,500 per BMP and $700 per level spreader. For single family projects and commercial/non-single family projects, the Stormwater Facility Replacement Fund Payment will be calculated to be 25% of the construction cost and must be submitted as a cash or check payment made payable to the City of Durham. Download the BMP Engineering Cost Estimate Spreadsheet (XLSX) for more information.

For commercial/non-single family projects, an alternate security/surety calculated at 20 times the maintenance cost of the facility/ies as calculated under city requirements may be accepted. Download the Annualized Maintenance Costs for BMPs (XLS) for more information. Note: Owners who select this option are not eligible for withdrawals from the Stormwater Facility Replacement Fund.

Stormwater Facility Replacement Fund
The Stormwater Facility Replacement Fund is used for the purchase, design, construction, reconstruction, and repair of stormwater facilities that have paid into the Stormwater Facility Replacement Fund. For information, see Chapter 70, Article XI of the city code or contact Stormwater Services at 919-560-4326. Stormwater Performance Standards for Development is found in the code of ordinances.