Picnic Shelters

Picnic Shelter Season runs from April 1 - October 31, 2017. The 2017 calendar is currently open. During the off season, shelters are available for use on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Durham's parks and facilities serve as great sites for your next event, family gathering or concert. Many Durham parks offer picnic shelters on a first come, first serve basis. By making reservations, you are assured of having the picnic shelter of your choice. View our 
Reservation Procedures document for complete details.

Permits must be purchased by Tuesday at 5 p.m. for the remainder of the work week and weekend.

For availability, email reservations@durhamnc.gov, call 919-560-4355, ext. 27202 or visit our Administration Office, 400 Cleveland Street, Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. 

Picnic Shelter Rentals Online

Visit our online registration site.

Picnic Shelter Rental Fees (per day)

Day Size  City Resident Non-City Resident 
Monday-Thursday Small $30 $45
Monday-Thursday Medium $50 $65
Monday-Thursday Large $80 $95
Friday-Sunday & Holidays Small $55 $70
Friday-Sunday & Holidays Medium $75 $90
Friday-Sunday & Holidays Large $105 $120

Picnic Shelter Locations

Park​ Location​ Region​ Size 
American Village Park​ 4703 American Drive ​ West Central​ Small
Burton Park​ ​1100 Sima Avenue Southeast​ Small
C.M. Herndon Park 511 Scott King Road Southeast Small
C.R. Wood Park​ ​417 Commonwealth Avenue Southeast​ Small
Campus Hills Park*​ ​2000 S Alston Avenue Southeast​ Small
Cook Road Park​ ​602 Cook Road Southwest​ Medium 
Crest Street Park​ ​2503 Crest Street West Central​ Small
​Duke Park ​106 W Knox Street West Central​ Small
​East Durham Park ​2500 E Main Street East​ Small
​East End Park ​1200 N Alston Avenue East​ Small
Edgemont Park 205 S. Elm Street East Small
​Elmira Avenue Park ​540 Elmira Avenue Southeast​ Small
Forest Hills Park​ ​1639 University Drive Southwest​ Large
​Garrett Road Park ​6815 Garrett Road Southwest​ Small
​Hillside Park ​1301 S Roxboro Street Southwest​ Small & Large 
Holt School Road Park​ ​4102 Holt School Road North​ Small
​Lakeview Park ​3500 Dearborn Drive North​ Small
Long Meadow Park​ 917 Liberty Street​ East​ Small
Lyon Park​ 1200 W Lakewood Avenue​ Southwest​ Small
​Morreene Road Park ​1102 Morreene Road West Central​ Small
​Northgate Park ​300 W Club Boulevard North​ Small & Medium
​Old Farm Road Park ​7 Hedgerow Plaza North​ Small
​Orchard Park ​1000 S Duke Street Southwest​ Small
​Oval Drive Park ​2200 W Club Boulevard West Central​ Small
​Piney Wood Park ​400 E Woodcroft Parkway Southeast​ Large
​Red Maple Park ​3320 Hinson Drive North​ Small
River Forest Park​ ​1000 Windermere Drive North​ Small
​Rockwood Park ​2310 Whitley Drive Southwest​ Small
Sandy Creek Park​ ​3510 Sandy Creek Road West Central​ Small
​Sherwood Park ​2325 Cheek Road East​ Small
​Solite Park ​4704 Fayetteville Road Southwest​ Medium
​Spruce Pine Park ​2235 Bahama Road North​ Medium
Trinity Park​ ​410 Watts Street West Central​ Small
​Twin Lakes Park ​435 Chandler Road East​ Small & Large
Unity Village Park​ ​200 Matilene Street Southeast​ Small
​Valley Springs Park ​3805 Valley Springs Road North​ Small
​Walltown Park* ​1308 W Club Boulevard West Central​ Small
​West Point on the Eno ​5101 N Roxboro Road North​ Small & Medium
​Whippoorwill Park ​1632 Rowemont Drive North​ Medium
Wilkins Road Park (Lake Michie)​ 2802 Bahama Road​ North​ Small
Wrightwood Park​ ​1301 Anderson Street West Central​ Small
*Note: Reservations for these shelters are made at the respective recreation center. Call Campus Hills Recreation Center at 919-560-4444 or Walltown Park Recreation Center at 919-560-4296.