AquaticsDurham Parks and Recreation operates 2 indoor, 8-lane pools offering a number of water programs including: 
  • Exercise / fitness
  • Family swim
  • Lap swim
  • Swim lessons
  • Swim teams
The pools have a portable aquatic lift to assist patrons who may not have the ability to access the pool via vertical ladders and stair systems. We also maintain outdoor seasonal pools for individuals and families to enjoy unstructured water facilities. 

Durham Aquatics School (DAS)

DAS offers free lifeguard certification training to area teens ages 16-19. Students who successfully complete the DAS courses will be actively recruited to apply for lifeguard jobs at DPR's indoor and outdoor pools. Visit the lifeguarding page for more information. To apply for lifeguarding positions, please visit the City of Durham employment page.

Indoor Pools

DPR operates two indoor eight-lane pools which offer a number of water programs including exercise/fitness, swim lessons, swim teams, lap swim and family swim. For more information visit the indoor pools page.

Outdoor Pools

DPR maintains three outdoor seasonal pools for individuals and families to enjoy unstructured water activities. For more information visit the outdoor pools page.

Sprayground Facilities

DPR operates four sprayground facilities. For more information visit the spraygrounds page.

Water Safety

Make water safety a priority. Visit the American Red Cross Water Safety page to learn how you can take steps to stay safe around water. 

Aquatics Frequently Asked Questions

Can we wear t-shirts in the pool? Do I need to wear a bathing suit?
All patrons must wear proper swimming attire in the pool. There are additional exceptions for the outdoor pools which are: males can wear athletic shorts with a functional drawstring and boxers/briefs underneath and females can wear athletic shorts with a functional drawstring and panties underneath. Females can also wear a t-shirt with a sports bra underneath.

Do we provide towels/lockers?
We do not provide towels. All of the pools have lockers available for patron use. Patrons are encouraged to bring a lock to secure their belongings.

Can we use flotation devices?
U.S. Coast Guard approved floatation devices (life jackets) are allowed but not inflatable devices or toys. Parents must remain with children in flotation devices and they are not allowed in the deep end. There are a limited number of life jackets available for patron use at each pool.

Can we use mask, fins and snorkels?

During recreational swim, only goggles, which cover just the eyes, are allowed. Masks, fins, and snorkels are allowed during lap swim times and snorkel classes.

Can we bring noodles, kickboards and other toys?
During recreational swim noodles, kickboards and other swim and exercise aides are not permitted. Toys such as squirt guns, balls and other items that endanger the safety or enjoyment of other swimmers are not permitted.

Do I have to get into the water with my child?
Yes, if your child is 5 years old or younger, and/or is less than 4 ½ feet tall, an adult, 18 years or older, must be in the water with them. Children 6-9 years old who are more than 4 ½ feet tall can swim on their own but an adult must be present in the pool area with them.

I don’t swim but I would like to come to the pool to exercise. Do I have to come during recreational swim?
If you would like to exercise on your own you can come during any of the lap swim times. Recreational swim is unstructured time for everyone.