Durham Convention Center Lobby Renovations

Todd Tingler, Project Manager
919-560-4197, ext. 21249


301 W Morgan Street, Durham, NC 27701 Map

Team Members

Architect: Baskerville Architects
Contractor: Shaner Hotel Group
HVAC Consultant: CCRD

Project Description

This project will renovate the first floor lobby as part of the Marriott franchise agreement. The lobby renovation will be completed in two parts. The Leased Space Project is complete. The Shared Space Project work is 80% completed and will be finished in April 2017. The lobby space will be reconfigured along with providing new finishes and architectural treatments.


Durham Convention Center

Durham Convention Center Lobby 2

Lobby entrance view

DCC Lobby complete

Lobby view

DCC Lobby complete 2

Stairs to lobby

DCC Stair complete


Leased Space: $55,000
Shared Space: $300,000

Current Phase


Expected Completion

Leased Space: Completed
Shared Space: April 2017