Fire Station 9

John Paces-Wiles , Lead Project Manager
919-560-4197, ext. 21252


1602 Camden Avenue, Durham, NC 27704 Map

Team Members

Architect: Garner & Brown Architects
Contractor: Landmark Corporation

Project Description

This project relocates Fire Station 9 from East Club Boulevard to the corner of Midland Terrance and Camden Avenue. This new station will be the first of the new City of Durham fire station prototype which is an 8,908 square foot, single story, 3-bay building. The station will include separate accommodations for eight firefighters per shift, fitness room, captain's offices, dining room, kitchen, covered portico/patio, and other support facilities. The firefighters and apparatus from the current Station #9 will relocate to the new fire station.


Front view of building

1 Fire Station 9

Front drive concrete underway

8 Fire Station 9

Front porch ceiling

6 Fire Station 9

Vehicle bay gypsum board ceiling

4 Fire Station 9
9 Fire Station 9
12 Fire Station 9
10 Fire Station 9
11 Fire Station 9



Current Phase


Expected Completion

February 2017