Edison Johnson & Campus Hills Recreation Center PooI Dehumidifier Replacements

Donna Maskill, Senior Project Manager  
919-560-4197, ext 21228


Campus Hills, 2000 South Alston Avenue, Durham, NC  27713  Map
Edison Johnson, 600 West Murray Avenue, Durham, NC  27704  Map

Team Members

Architect: Durable Design
Engineer: Sigma Engineered Solutions
Landscape Consultant: Coulter Jewell Thames
Contractor: Hockaday Mechanical

Project Description

Edison Johnson Aquatic Center is complete and open for public use on February 20, 2017.  Improvements included the replacement of the failed dehumidification unit and associated duct work / ventilation system and new LED lighting throughout the facility. City Staff refurbished the locker rooms, painted the pool deck and basin, and installed a new pool chemical treatment control system.

Campus Hills Aquatic Center work is scheduled for the Summer 2017. Like Edison Johnson, a new dehumidification system will be installed, along with LED lighting, and painting of the interior pool natatorium space. This project is larger than Edison Johnson, with a new large concrete mechanical pad, new accessible exit ramp at the rear of the building, new interior roof drains, and improved air quality for the second floor spectator area. The project is being timed with the installation of a new roof system for the Campus Hills / I.R. Holmes Recreation Center.  Previous projects had included the locker room refurbishment and the pool chemical treatment control system.


Campus Hills Pool

Campus Hills Pool

Campus Hills in progress

Campus Hills before progress

Edison Johnson pool

Edison Johnson Pool

Edison Johnson complete

Edison Johnson complete


Campus Hills: $974,086
Edison Johnson: $664,514

Current Phase

Edison Johnson: Close Out
Campus Hills: Construction

Expected Completion

Edison Johnson: March 2017
Campus Hills: November 2017