West Ellerbee Creek Trail--Phase II

Jessica Kemp, Project Manager 
919-560-4197 ext. 21234 


1900 Maryland Avenue, Durham, NC 27705 Map

Team Members

Designer: Stewart Engineering
Construction Contractor: Fred Smith Company
Construction Engineering and Inspections: A. Morton Thomas & Associates

Project Description

This two-directional multiuse greenway trail project connects Phase I of the West Ellerbree Creek Trail that terminates at Guess Road to the North/South Greenway on Stadium Drive. The new one mile extension follows West Ellerbree Creek and will connect residents and visitors to Westover Park, shopping on the North Pointe Drive, residential communities, and Durham's existing trail network.

Our Kickoff Celebration was held Thursday June 1, 2017 at Westover Park check out some photos from the event here: https://flic.kr/s/aHsm1J6zn5


WEC Trail Path


WEC Trail Mockup

West Ellerbee Creek 3

Rendering of West Ellerbee Creek Trail


Retaining wall trench

WEC Retaining wall trench

Underlayment for asphalt

WEC fabric stone and asphalt will go on top of this

Grading for retaining wall installation

WEC grading for retaining wall installation

Retaining wall

WEC retaining wall

Broadwalk construction @ Westover Park

WEC broadwalk construction at Westover Park



Current Phase


Expected Completion

Early 2018