Find Your Watershed

Stormwater flows through storm drains into nearby creeks and streams. Then it runs into to larger rivers, other bodies of water such as lakes, and finally the ocean. The land that drains to a specific water body is a watershed.

In Durham most of our stormwater flows either to Falls Lake or Jordan Lake. The northwest part of Durham is in the Falls Lake watershed. The southeast part is in the Jordan Lake watershed.

If you live in Durham, you can learn which watershed you live in through GoMaps. Here’s how:
  1. Open GoMaps.
  2. Search for your address. It should show up on the map outlined in red.
  3. In the Id Layer box at the top of the screen select “Watersheds (Map Tips).”
  4. Click on the small button with an “i” (look in the upper left hand side of the site). Your mouse pointer should change to have a ? next to it.
GoMaps Instructions
  1. Click on your property and a box will pop up. It will display which stream and river basin the rain water that falls on your property flows to.
  2. If you like, you can click on the “stormwater drains” and “stormwater pipes” boxes under the Stormwater System layer. You will be able to follow the drains to where they empty into a body of water.
Now that you know which of Durham’s watersheds you live in, you can learn more about it. You can also learn how to help protect your local waterways by preventing water pollution.
GoMaps Example