Community Resource Unit (CRU)


The Community Resource Unit officers work closely with residents to fight crime and improve the quality of life in the community. Community resource officers develop and maintain Neighborhood Watch programs, carry out security inspections for businesses and residences upon request, present crime prevention programs and distribute crime prevention literature.

Community resource officers work to bridge the gap between law enforcement officers and community residents through problem-solving and crime prevention initiatives. Community resource officers attend neighborhood meetings and work with the district Partners Against Crime (PAC) organizations.

Community Resource Unit Officers

For more information about the Community Resource Unit, contact:
The Community Resource Unit and district community resource officers are stationed at District 1 substation located on 921 Holloway Street.

District Community Resource Officers

  • Officer Christopher Shepard, District 1
  • Officer Laurence Brown, District 2
  • Officer Lawanda Mock, District 3
  • Officer Curtis Knight, District 4
  • Officer Steve Hall, Central District
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