Angier & Driver Streets Intersection

Streetscape Design for Targeted Neighborhood Commercial Areas
This streetscape program is designed to promote economic revitalization and improve the quality of life for both residents and visitors; take into consideration the historic tradition of its business enterprises and community needs; and to enhance the visual appeal of the Angier/Driver commercial corridor located in Northeast Central Durham.

Local residents, businesses, developers and other key stakeholders have participated in this process through open meetings. Community input has assisted in designing the Angier / Driver commercial corridor, which matches the community’s unique infrastructure, aesthetics, and functionality. The Office of Economic and Workforce Development and Public Works Department partnered with EG&G Inc., a landscape architecture, planning, and engineering firm, to implement this project. Economic revitalization and an improved quality of life for both residents and visitors are the basis for this project.
Project parameters in the street right of way:
  • Catch basins and drainage inlets per BMP standards
  • Concrete crosswalks with provisions for decorative paving patterns
  • Concrete curbs, gutters and drive aprons
  • Concrete sidewalks with provisions for decorative brick paving and "bulb-outs"
  • Consolidation of overhead utility wires on new high poles located on one side of the street with conduit for service connections
  • Decorative historic-style street lighting
  • Handicap accessibility ramps per Americans With Disabilities Act standards
  • Landscaping and furnishing in "bulb-outs"
  • Street milling, resurfacing and striping
Note: During community meetings many suggestions were made by local residents, businesses, developers and other stakeholders to improve the walk ability or visual appeal of the corridor. Many of these suggestions were incorporated into the design process. Due to budgetary constraints, not all of these suggestions could not be incorporated in the design process.

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