2013 Fayetteville/Buxton/Riddle Realignment: ST-254

Project Manager
Charles J. Rice, EI
Public Works Department
Phone: 919-560-4326, ext. 30266

Due to the existing offset configuration, the intersection of Fayetteville Street, Buxton Drive and Riddle Road does not operate efficiently under current traffic volumes and will only decrease in level of service as traffic volumes increase in the coming years.

4-Way Intersection
The City of Durham Transportation and Public Works Departments have collaborated on a traffic study and design plans for the project. The final plans propose to realignment of Riddle Road to the north to create a traditional 4-way intersection. Additional through and turn lanes will be added to Fayetteville Street, Buxton Drive and Riddle Road to accommodate increased traffic volumes through the design year of 2030.

The project will include roadway construction and signal upgrades at the proposed intersection and the crossing of the American Tobacco Trail at Riddle Road. The project is expected to bid in September 2016 with construction beginning in early 2017 and continuing through late 2017.