Tour of Parrish Street

107 North Church Street
Right around the corner from Parrish Street, this building was a gathering place for several generations with The White Elephant Club, Church Street Hotel and the Lucky Strike Billiard Parlor.

114-116 West Parrish Street
1 of only 3 National Historic Landmarks in Durham, this is the most widely photographed symbol of Black Wall Street - the old headquarters of NC Mutual Life Insurance Company.

104 West Parrish Street

William P. Clements, a white businessman, built this signature structure that housed the public relations and district office for NC Mutual Life Insurance Company.
108-112 West Parrish Street
This was once the site of the Bull City Drug Store Company, Mechanics and Farmers Bank's 1st office, and later, office spaces for African-American professionals and skilled workers including a barber, tailor, printer, attorneys, physicians and dentists.

106 West Parrish Street
Built originally to serve as the “Mutual Annex,” this address became home to a weekly newspaper, The Durham Reformer and The North Carolina Mutual, a monthly newspaper. B&J Rose Furniture was also on the ground floor.

206 West Parrish Street
In the early 1900s, a number of professional practices were located here, including physicians, attorneys and dentists. And folks could get a nice haircut at the barbershop downstairs.

111-115 Orange Street
Part of the Parrish Street district, this was home to The Whetstone, an North Carolina Mutual Life Insurance newsletter, and during the 1950s, the well-know company, Forums, was located here.