Doing Business on Parrish Street

About Parrish
"A street with a story in the heart of a thriving downtown"

Across the country, downtown areas are getting a 2nd life. Durham’s downtown, once neglected for suburban sprawl, is quickly becoming the city’s hottest destination. Tobacco warehouses have been transformed into lofts and condos bustling with residents. From international companies to mom-and-pop shops, upscale restaurants and art galleries to Triple A baseball and world-class festivals - downtown Durham is thriving.

Historic Parrish Street is right at the heart of this revitalization. But that’s only part of what attracts businesses to locate here. Durham’s downtown is one of a kind, with an attitude and a history all its own. The story of Black Wall Street - people working together to achieve success in the face of adversity - is inspiring. And the legacy of prosperity is one that can make any business owner proud.

It’s the combination of a storied past and a bright future that make Historic Parrish Street the ideal place for professional services, retail establishments, restaurants and other businesses to flourish, together.