Foreclosure Prevention

North Carolina Foreclosure Prevention Fund

The North Carolina Foreclosure Prevention Fund (PDF) can pay your mortgage for up to 36 months ($36,000) while you work or train in a new field. To date, this fund has assisted more than 15,000 North Carolina families at no cost to the homeowners. You may qualify if you lost your job through no fault of your own, or are a returning veteran, transitioning back into civilian employment. You may also be eligible if you are seeking new employment as the result of a divorce, serious illness, or certain other hardships.

This fund is administered by the North Carolina Housing Finance Agency, a self-supporting state agency, and provides a 0-interest, deferred loan. No repayment is due until you sell or refinance your home. If you continue to live in your home for 10 years, the loan is considered satisfied and you will owe nothing. To find out if you are eligible, visit the website or call 888-623-8631.