Sorry for the inconvenience, but the Dplans site is down for maintenance.  Please read the following instructions for digital submission of construction drawings.

Directions for digital submission
During the duration of the maintenance, use the email Dplans@durhamnc.gov and attach all relevant forms and plans.

All digital plans shall go through our Dplans site.  We do not accept plans through web download sites.

Your city contractor id number shall be in the subject line or in the body of the text.  Dplans submittals that do not contain the contractor id number will not be processed.

*Note - Once you have been notified by email that your approved plans are ready for pick up, it will be your responsibility to bring a Flash Drive to our office so we can upload your approved plans.

The maximum total email size shall be 50 MB.  If your submission is greater than 50 MB, you will have to submit multiple emails.

Physical Site Address - The address used on the building application.

Type of File - If you are uploading the building application, name it Building Application. For example: building application 101 City Hall Plaza, electrical plans 101 City Hall Plaza, etc.

Naming the File - The name will be the physical site address.

Plan Submittal
All plan submittals will require the construction set of drawings to be separated by trade.  Building, Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing, and Fire plans will now be required to be submitted as individual files.  Due to the ever increasing size of construction plans, this will provide improved customer service through faster review and enhanced focus on the scope of work by discipline.

File size
All forms and construction drawings shall be in the PDF format.  Please flatten the layers to reduce the size of the PDF.  All PDF files should be 25 MB or less while maintaining legibility.  Files larger than 25 MB cannot be processed, and will result in a disapproved application and re-review fee.

Protection on submitting Digital Plans
When submitting digital plans, be sure to remove any protection from the plans (in the PDF format).  Plans examiners must be able to digitally stamp and insert watermarks on all pages of the document.  Also, when the plans examiner requests corrections (new pages) for plans that were disapproved, the plans examiner must be able to insert the corrected pages into the digital plans. Digital plans submitted with protection cannot be processed for issuance.


  • Each building permit application needs to include the plans that pertains only to the particular building corresponding to the application for permit.
  • Site plan drawings are not required to be submitted for building permit plans review;  but if submitted, they need to either bear the Planning Department’s approval stamp or be stamped “For Reference Only”.  This does not apply to residential.

Should you have any questions, contact our office at 919-560-4414.