Pending Text Amendments and Public Participation

There are 3 stages when you can have input into the text amendment adoption process. They are:  
  1. Review and Comment Period - Public review period opens with no public hearings scheduled; special public information sessions, if any, will be noted below. 
  2. Planning Commission Review - A public hearing is held as noted below. After the hearing the Planning Commission makes a recommendation to the governing boards. 
  3. City Council and Board of County Commissioners Review - Each governing body holds separate public hearings and then take final action to approve, disapprove, or modify the text amendment.
Please note that draft text amendments are subject to modifications as they move through the review and approval process.

The following are pending amendments to the text of the Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) at various stages of the approval process. Please contact the appropriate staff person identified with the amendment for any questions or to make comments regarding the proposed amendment.

Amendments for Review and Comment 

(Public review and comment period is open and continues until the amendment is adopted)

TC1800005 – Landscape Revisions: Amendments to landscape and buffer requirements in Articles 8; Environmental Protection, Article 9, Landscaping and Buffering; and Article 17, Definitions. (Note: A previous draft of this text amendment was presented to the JCCPC at its August meeting. The attached draft is a revision to the previous draft.)
(Contact: Michael Stock, 919-560-4137 ext. 28227)

Amendments Scheduled for Planning Commission Public Hearing

(After a public hearing, the Durham Planning Commission will make a recommendation to City Council and Board of County Commissioners)

TC1800002 - Omnibus  Changes 12: Technical amendments to various sections of the UDO, and amendments regarding the neighborhood protection overlay process and standards for mailbox clusters for residential developments.
(Contact: Michael Stock, 919-560-4137 ext. 28227)
- Planning Commission Meeting Date: October 9, 2018

Amendments Scheduled for City Council & Board of County Commissioners Public Hearings

(Final action to be taken after the public hearings by both governing bodies)

TC1800006 - Private Streets: a privately-initiated amendment to broaden the allowance of private streets for single-family subdivisions in the County jurisdiction.
(Contact: Michael Stock, 919-560-4137 ext. 28227)

- Board of County Commissioners Meeting Date: October 22, 2018