Durham County is North Carolina’s 6th most populous county and the City of Durham is the 4th largest municipality in the state.

The population of Durham County was 267,587 in 2010. Over the previous decade, the County’s population grew by almost 41,500, representing an increase of about 20%. This increase represented 11 new residents and five new households for every day of the past 10 years. Natural growth (births minus deaths) accounted for a little more than 1/3 of the increase, while net migration (in-migration minus out-migration) accounted for a little less than 2/3.

Much of Durham County’s growth occurred within the City of Durham. The City's population grew from 187,035 to 228,330 during the period 2000-2010, representing a decade-long increase of 22%. The City expanded in size from about 98 square miles in 2000 to over 106 square miles in 2010. Currently, the City is over 108 square miles in size.