West Club Blvd. Corridor Utility Rehabilitation

Project Facts

  • Approximately 12,000 linear feet of water mains will be replaced within West Club Boulevard, 9th Street, Carolina Avenue, Oakland Avenue, Oval Drive, and Englewood Avenue. The project may also include storm drainage rehabilitation and sanitary sewer main rehabilitation following field investigations.
  • The initial field investigation in the project area will include the following:
    • Land survey: Dewberry Engineering Inc. & CH Engineering, PLLC
    • Sanitary sewer condition assessment of pipes and manholes: Hydrostructures, PA
    • Smoke testing of the sanitary sewer: Hydrostructures, PA
      • Non-harmful smoke will be introduced to the existing sanitary sewer. It is likely that smoke will be visible coming from manholes and drains during the testing – this is normal and expected.
    • Dye testing to verify active sewer services, as needed: Hydrostructures, PA
      • Residents and businesses will be contacted about assisting with dye testing of sewer service connections when needed.
    • Storm drain assessment: Hydrostructures, PA
    • Water valve assessment, water meter audit, hydrant audit: Utility Service Co., Inc. & Dewberry Engineering Inc.
    • Tree health and risk assessment: F.A. Bartlett Tree Experts
  • The investigative work is expected to begin in August 2018. Field investigation personnel will work primarily within the existing public right-of-way, but will also access front yards to survey the location of water meters, sewer cleanouts, trees, etc. Field investigation personnel will wear safety vests and carry identification at all times.
  • The investigative work will cause minimal disturbance. Temporary, non-toxic paint of various colors will be used on the ground, pavement, and sidewalks to mark the location of buried utilities throughout the project area.
  • At the conclusion of the field investigations, a public meeting will be scheduled to discuss the results, design recommendations, and seek community feedback.
  • The field investigation and preliminary engineering are expected to be completed in early 2019.
  • Construction is expected to begin in early 2020.
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Project Updates

  • Week of August 18, 2018:
    • Initial field investigation work will soon begin in the project area. Starting the week of August 13, residents will receive notification via door hangers outlining the project and the work to be completed in their neighborhood.
  • Week of August 27, 2018:
    • Arborists with Bartlett Tree Experts will begin surveying and assessing the health of trees.
  • Week of August 27 or September 3, 2018:
    • Hydrostructures, LLC will begin sanitary and storm sewer assessments to determine conditions of pipes, manholes, and drains.
  • Week of September 3 or September 9, 2018:
    • Surveyors with Dewberry Engineers Inc. will begin a topographic survey of the area. Work will be done primarily in the public right-of-way but may also require access to front yards to survey locations of water meters, sewer cleanouts and trees. Contractors doing the survey activities will be properly identified.

Contact Information

  • City of Durham Water Management:
    Lisa Mitchell
    919-560-4381, ext. 35568
  • Dewberry Engineering Inc.:
    Beth Steffens, PE
West Club Utility Rehab Project Area