Outdoor Seating Permits/Outdoor Dining

For information about the Outdoor Seating Permit regulations and application process, contact:
Planning Customer Service Center
Durham City-County Planning Department
Phone: 919-560-4137

On October 15, 2012, the Durham City Council adopted a change to City Code Sections 54-26, 54-110, and 46-149(e) to create a new Outdoor Seating Permit process, effective as of January 15, 2013. The regulations for Outdoor Seating Permits are available online in the City Code, and may also be obtained from the Durham City-County Planning Department.

Applicable Establishments
The new regulations apply to eating establishments, restaurants, and private clubs (nightclubs and bars) located in the Downtown Design and Compact Design zoning districts that wish to operate an outdoor seating area on City-maintained, public rights-of-way, City sidewalks, public alleys, and/or pedestrian ways. At this time the regulations are not applicable to state-maintained roads in Durham, and permits cannot be issued for outdoor seating areas in NCDOT rights-of-way.

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