2018 Bicycle Improvements

Better bicycle facilities in Durham have constantly rated as important in Resident Satisfaction Surveys, and improving transportation options is a priority of our Strategic Plan. Following the adoption of the Bike+Walk Plan, the City is taking steps to improve bicycling conditions and develop a more connected network of facilities. Approximately 10 miles of corridors have been identified as priorities and will be enhanced with bicycle facilities:
  • American Drive (Morreene Road to Constitution Dr)
  • Broad Street (Main St to Guess Rd)
  • Chapel Hill Road (Morehead to Cornwallis)
  • E Cornwallis Road (S Roxboro St to Fayetteville Rd)
  • Fayetteville Street (Umstead to Main St)
  • Fayetteville Street (E Cornwallis Rd to Pilot)
  • Lakewood Ave (Fayetteville St to Duke St)
  • Liberty St (Dillard St to Miami Blvd)
  • Meriwether Dr (Old Oxford to Carver)
  • N Miami Blvd (Raynor St to Geer St)
  • Raynor St (Liberty St to Miami Blvd)
  • S Roxboro St (Cornwallis Rd to Summit St)
  • Stadium Dr/Olympic Ave (Roxboro Rd to Horton Rd)
Project websites and surveys are available now for Broad Street and South Roxboro Street, which are being resurfaced during the summer of 2018. The other streets will be re-striped in the spring/summer of 2019, and more details about design options on these streets will be shared soon. In addition, a public meeting will be scheduled future for you to share feedback.

This project will not make modifications to the existing curbs. Many of these corridors were identified as part of the Priority Bicycle Network in the Bike+Walk Plan, and/or were recommended by residents during public outreach in early 2018.

If you have questions, please contact Bryan Poole at bryan.poole@durhamnc.gov.

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Map of Proposed 2018 Bicycle Improvements with Existing/Planned Facilities