American Tobacco Trail

American Tobacco Trail - Durham Section
This trail is a 10-foot wide, paved, off-road trail which follows the old CSX railroad. The trail is heavily used by walkers, joggers, cyclists, roller-bladers and folks pushing baby carriages. Users need to keep their speed below 10 mph and watch for other trail users.  
Length: 11.0 miles
Surface: Paved off-road trail, 10 feet wide
Begins: Corner of Morehead and Blackwell Streets
Ends: Jordan Lake (Durham section ends at the Chatham County Line, 3000 ft. south of Scott King Rd.)
Restrooms:  Elmira Park, Solite Park, C.M. Herndon Park

Riddle Road Spur
This trail follows the old Riddle Road Spur of the CSX railroad. There are several street level crossings: Riddle Road (no light), NC 55 (Apex Hwy) with pedestrian light, and S. Alston (traffic four-way stop).  
Length: 1.5 miles
Surface: Paved off-road trail, 10 feet wide
Begins: Intersection of Riddle and Fayetteville Roads
Ends: S. Briggs Avenue