Picnic Shelter Rentals

Rent a Picnic ShelterDurham's parks and facilities serve as great sites for your next event, family gathering or concert. Many Durham parks offer picnic shelters on a first come, first serve basis. By making reservations, you are assured of having the picnic shelter of your choice. View our Reservation Procedures document for complete details.

How do I reserve a picnic shelter?

Picnic shelters can be reserved online by visiting our online registration site.

Permits must be purchased by Tuesday at 5 p.m. for the remainder of the work week and weekend.

Picnic Shelter Season

Picnic shelter season runs from April 1-October 31, 2018. The 2018 calendar opened on January 1, 2018. During the off season, shelters are available for use on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Picnic Shelter Rental Fees (per day)

Day Size  City Resident Non-City Resident 
Monday-Thursday Small $30 $45
Monday-Thursday Medium $50 $65
Monday-Thursday Large $80 $95
Friday-Sunday & Holidays Small $55 $70
Friday-Sunday & Holidays Medium $75 $90
Friday-Sunday & Holidays Large $105 $120

Picnic Shelter Locations

Park​ Location​ Region​ Size 
American Village Park​ 4703 American Dr.​ West Central​ Small
Burton Park​ ​1100 Sima Ave. Southeast​ Small
C.M. Herndon Park 511 Scott King Rd. Southeast Small
C.R. Wood Park​ ​417 Commonwealth Ave. Southeast​ Small
Campus Hills Park ​2000 S Alston Ave. Southeast​ Small
Cook Road Park​ ​602 Cook Rd. Southwest​ Medium 
Crest Street Park​ ​2503 Crest St. West Central​ Small
​Duke Park ​106 W Knox St. West Central​ Small
​East Durham Park ​2500 E Main St. East​ Small
​East End Park ​1200 N Alston Ave. East​ Small
Edgemont Park 205 S. Elm St. East Small
​Elmira Avenue Park ​540 Elmira Ave. Southeast​ Small
Forest Hills Park​ ​1639 University Dr. Southwest​ Large*
​Garrett Road Park ​6815 Garrett Rd. Southwest​ Small
​Hillside Park ​1301 S Roxboro St. Southwest​ Small* & Large* 
Holt School Road Park​ ​4102 Holt School Rd. North​ Small
​Lakeview Park ​3500 Dearborn Dr. North​ Small
Long Meadow Park 917 Liberty St. East​ Small
Lyon Park​ 1200 W Lakewood Ave.​ Southwest​ Small
​Morreene Road Park ​1102 Morreene Rd. West Central​ Small
Northgate Park ​300 W Club Boulevard North​ Small & Medium*
Old Farm Road Park ​7 Hedgerow Plaza North​ Small
​Orchard Park ​1000 S Duke St. Southwest​ Small
Oval Drive Park ​2200 W Club Blvd. West Central​ Small
​Piney Wood Park ​400 E Woodcroft Pkwy Southeast​ Large*
​Red Maple Park ​3320 Hinson Dr. North​ Small
River Forest Park​ ​1000 Windermere Dr. North​ Small
Rockwood Park ​2310 Whitley Dr. Southwest​ Small
Sandy Creek Park​ ​3510 Sandy Creek Rd. West Central​ Small
​Sherwood Park ​2325 Cheek Rd. East​ Small
Solite Park ​4704 Fayetteville Rd. Southwest​ Medium
​Spruce Pine Park ​2235 Bahama Rd. North​ Medium
Trinity Park​ ​410 Watts St. West Central​ Small
Twin Lakes Park ​435 Chandler Rd. East​ Small & Large
Unity Village Park​ ​200 Matilene Street Southeast​ Small
​Valley Springs Park ​3805 Valley Springs Rd. North​ Small
​Walltown Park ​1308 W Club Blvd. West Central​ Small
West Point on the Eno ​5101 N Roxboro Rd. North​ Small & Medium*
Whippoorwill Park ​1632 Rowemont Dr. North​ Medium
Wilkins Road Park (Lake Michie)​ 2802 Bahama Rd. North​ Small
Wrightwood Park​ ​1301 Anderson St. West Central​ Small
*Shelters have electrical outlets.
If you need additional assistance making a picnic shelter reservation, please email
reservations@durhamnc.gov, call 919-560-4355, ext. 27202 or visit our Administration Office, 400 Cleveland Street, Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.