Plot Plans

Projects Requiring Plot Plans
Plot plans are required for:
  • Additions
  • Carports
  • Decks
  • Garages
  • New residential construction
  • Some sign permits
  • Storage buildings
  • Any other activity which adds a structure or other improvement to the property
If you have access to the survey of your property, you can use it. If not, you can draw the plot plan yourself. If you draw the plot plan yourself, be sure to sign it and include the date.

Needed Information
  1. The plot plan should be drawn to scale. An acceptable engineering scale should be used. A scale of 1 inch = 30 feet is common, download scaling example (PDF)
    • Draw the property lines (front, sides and rear).
    • Show the actual measurements on each line. Any easements or streams must be shown. Show the name and location of all streets adjacent to the property. Indicate which direction is north.
  2. For new house construction: Draw the house within the property lines showing the exact distance the house is from the property lines (front, sides, rear). Also show the dimensions of the house.
  3. For additions: After completing 1 and 2 above, draw the addition in the proper place showing the distance to applicable property lines and the dimensions of the addition. Indicate what is existing and what is proposed to be built.
  4. For accessory structures (includes garages, storage buildings, carports, etc.): After completing 1 above, draw the accessory structure in the proper place on the lot showing the distance to each applicable property line. Provide the dimensions of the accessory structure.
  5. Show all existing structures on site.
When Improvement Locations Need Adjusting
Redraw the plot plan with the revised location and the revised distances to all applicable property lines. Bring the revised plot plan to the Inspections Department plan review section for approval prior to commencing construction.