Shared Active Transportation

Shared Electric Scooters and Bikes in Durham

On October 15, 2018 the City of Durham approved an ordinance and fees establishing a new permit process for bike share, and expands the permit to include shared electric scooters and electric bikes. The City is working on developing a permit application process, and when it is available will be shared on this website.

The City currently has permits for two vendors to operate bike share: Spin, and LimeBike. The vendors are responsible for ensuring the bikes do not block pedestrian access or existing bike racks, and that the bikes are in working condition. If you encounter a problem with the location or condition of the bike, you can contact the customer service for each company or use the link below that will notify the company and city staff. 

Reporting Issues with the Bikes/Location

Problem with a Spin (Orange) Bike

Problem with a LimeBike (Green) Bike

The City's permit process helps regulate dockless bike share operations in Durham. Bike share operators are for-profit companies that have been granted a permit by the City. If the company(ies) fail to comply with the terms of the permit, the permit will not be renewed and/or can be revoked. 

No Smart Phone or Credit Card? No Problem!

Dockless bike share should be a mobility option for all Durham residents, and each company is required to provide a way for those without a credit card or smart phone to have access to the bikes. 

LimeBike partners with PayNearMe to offer a cash option, as well as text to unlock feature. PayNearMe locations in Durham are at CVS and Family Dollar stores.  Additionally, their Lime Access program offers 100 rides for just $5 for users that participate in a state or federal assistance program.

Spin has access cards for sale at Durham Station in $5 increments that can be purchased with cash. They also provide a text to unlock option.

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