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Bike Share in Durham

The City of Durham has developed a permit process for bike share operation in the public way. The new regulations apply to bike share rental companies that wish to operate a bike share by leaving bikes for rental on City-maintained, public rights-of-way, City sidewalks, public alleys, and/or pedestrian ways. The bikes can be found using an app, and when the person is done, locked up anywhere. Anyone can ride the bikes and you pay per ride, usually $1 for 30 minutes. See the flyer on the right for more information.

The City has issued permits for operation to three vendors: Ofo, Spin, and LimeBike. The vendors are responsible for ensuring the bikes do not block pedestrian access or existing bike racks, and that the bikes are in working condition. If you encounter a problem with the location or condition of the bike, you can contact the customer service for each company or use the link below that will notify the company and city staff. 

Reporting Issues with the Bikes/Location

Problem with an Ofo (Yellow) Bike

Problem with a Spin (Orange) Bike

Problem with a LimeBike (Green) Bike

The City's permit process helps regulate dockless bike share operations in Durham. Bike share operators are for-profit companies that have been granted a permit by the City. If the company(ies) fail to comply with the terms of the permit, the permit will not be renewed and/or can be revoked. 

Interested bike share operators are encouraged to download the permit and appropriate attachment(s). For questions about the permit process, please contact Bryan Poole at bryan.poole@durhamnc.gov.

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