DPR manages 57 playgrounds throughout the City! Playgrounds provide a safe place for children to play, connect, and learn. 

Playground Safety Tips

Please follow these guidelines to ensure safe play:
  • Adult supervision is recommended. Active supervision can prevent playground injuries.
  • Choose play equipment that is appropriate for the child’s age. Follow posted signs indicating appropriate age.
  • Check the area for hazards before allowing children to play, i.e. broken equipment, broken glass, trip hazards. If you find a hazard, please do not allow your child to play near or around it. Please report any hazards to Michelle Burger, 919-560-4355, ext. 27212.
  • Remove helmets before playing on playground. Avoid wearing scarves, drawstrings, or other types of clothing that could get caught on equipment and become a strangulation hazard.
  • Check to make sure equipment isn’t too hot! Play equipment that is in the sun can get very hot.
  • Keep small children from putting pieces of playground mulch into their mouths.
  • As with visiting any public spaces, wash hands after playing on the playground, and especially before eating.

Playground Replacements

Indian Trail Park
Indian Trail Park playground was replaced in May 2017. The playground is now open for play! There are a few more finishing touches that will be completed in the park between now and September, including benches and plantings.

Edgemont Park
The playground at Edgemont Park will be replaced in fall 2017. This project will expand the playground to double the current size, and will also add adult/teen outdoor fitness equipment. The new playground will be more interactive, and easier to see from the front of the park. It will continue to serve children ages 5-12.

Northgate Park
A new swing set will be added to Northgate Park, which currently only has toddler swings. The small toddler playground will also be replaced with a similar structure for ages 2-5.

Elmira Avenue Park
The aged, basic playground at Elmira Avenue Park will be replaced this fall with new, colorful, more interactive equipment.

Playground Closures and Repairs

White Oak Park Playground Closed
Play equipment will be removed from White Oak Park. The playground has been closed since August 2016 due to safety concerns. Continuous flooding and erosion of the land near the playground has made this location unsuitable for replacement of the equipment. Residents are encouraged to visit nearby playgrounds at Rockwood Park and Hillside Park.

River Forest Park Playground Closed

The playground at River Forest Park is currently closed for repair. The safety surfacing was washed away during recent flooding, leaving the playground unsafe for use. Repairs are currently being made, and the playgrounds will reopen as soon as repairs are complete.