FY 2016-2017 Restroom Building Renovations

Jessica Kemp, Senior Project Manager
919-560-4197, ext. 21234


Garrett Road Park, 6815 Garrett Road Map
Sherwood Park, 1720 Cheek Road Map
Solite Park, 4704 Fayetteville Road Map

Team Members

Architect: RND Architects
Contractor: Riggs Harrod Builders



Project Description

The purpose of this project is to address maintenance issues at multiple park restrooms as prioritized by Parks and Recreation Department. Buildings will be renovated to create ADA accessible spaces, vandal-resistant fixtures, create functional storage areas, and address other exterior building deferred maintenance issues. Once complete these buildings will be open to park users year-round.

Current Phase


Expected Completion

August 2018

Park Restrooms: Garrett Road, Sherwood, & Solite

Garrett Rd during exterior

Garrett Road Park

Right: New partition & vandal resistance toilet

Left: Exterior update work in progress

Garrett Rd during interior
Garrett Rd before

Garrett Road Park

Right: Interior before pic

Left: Exterior before pic

Garrett Rd interior before
Sherwood construction

Sherwood Park

Building gutted for improvements 

Sherwood before

Sherwood Park

Right: Before interior conditions

Left: Before exterior conditions

Sherwood interior before
Solite during

Solite Park

Right: Restroom building gutted for improvements.

Left: Pic of exterior during construction

Solite construction
Solite interior before

Solite Park 

Right: Pic of the exterior before renovation

Left: Pic of the interior before renovation

Solite before