Inspection Requirements

During the construction phase, inspections are required at the following stages.

Building Inspections
  • Footing: before any concrete is placed
  • Foundation: before any framing is placed on foundation - If a basement, a foundation waterproofing inspection is required prior to backfill
  • Slab: prior to pouring concrete (includes porch slabs)
  • Framing:
    • Open floor inspection
    • Sheathing Inspection: building dried in, before house wrap.
    • Framing - after all framing is complete and before insulation is installed (All plumbing, mechanical and electrical rough-in work must be complete) - Foundation survey required prior to or at time of scheduling framing inspection
  • Angle: (for masonry veneer support) - after the angle is in place and before placement of masonry
  • Insulation:
    • Concealed areas: under stairs, chases, behind tubs or showers, etc., may be combined with Sheathing Inspection
    • Insulation: after all insulation is installed and before wall or ceiling material is installed - Air barrier in place and sealed at concealed spaces
  • Final inspection: after the building is complete
Electrical Inspections
  • Service Pole: temporary connection for construction use only
  • Rough-In: after all wiring is in place and prior to covering with insulation or Sheetrock
  • Floor Heat: after the wiring has been installed and before tile is installed
  • Final: after all wiring is complete and ready for occupancy
Plumbing Inspections
  • Slab: prior to pouring concrete
  • Rough-In: after all plumbing is in place and prior to covering with insulation or Sheetrock
  • Sewer: after connection is made to city system and prior to covering ditch
  • Final: after all plumbing is complete
Mechanical Inspections
  • Rough-In: after mechanical equipment is installed and prior to covering any ducts with insulation or Sheetrock
  • Final: after all mechanical equipment is installed
  • Duct Leakage Test: if needed per Energy Code