Angier-Driver Planning and Zoning Study

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Hannah Jacobson, 919-560-4137, ext. 28247


Reviving the Angier-Driver business district is a goal shared by community members and the City. In 2014, a public works project to give the “streetscape” a fresh facelift was completed. In beautifying the blocks leading to the intersection of Angier Avenue and Driver Street with new trees, benches, sidewalks and crosswalks, the goal was to make the shops more accessible and pleasant to visit. While the streetscape project has been successful in many ways, there are less obvious factors that pose challenges to reviving the commercial district. One challenge is that current zoning (the rules about how properties can be used and developed) can make it difficult for businesses to re-use the existing commercial buildings.

The Planning Department would like to explore these zoning issues by engaging residents and business owners, and people in the neighborhoods who would frequent the Angier-Driver businesses district to work, shop, or dine. What types of businesses and services are most needed in the community? What zoning rules stand in the way of locating those businesses and services in the Angier-Driver business district? 

Revitalization of the Angier-Driver business district will not happen overnight, and it cannot be achieved by zoning changes alone. Therefore, partnerships are vital. We will work in tandem with groups like the City’s Small Business Advisory Council, who provide resources and counseling to small and minority owned businesses, to make sure there is awareness among the community of the opportunities in the Angier-Driver business district. It is important that existing residents have a place and have a voice in the success of the Angier-Driver business district now and into the future.


Survey: What is your vision?