Neighbor Spotlight Recipient

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October 2016 Winner -
Sioux Watson

Sioux Watson, a resident of the Forest Hills neighborhood for 33 years, was nominated and selected due to her enthusiasm and dedication to Forest Hills and Durham. As she lives right on the park and walks her dogs down there daily, she see first hand everyday details of what is going on in the city owned Forest Hills Park. It is a busy park, much loved and used by citizens seven days of the week.

Sioux is often first on the scene - whether as the first to put on her hip waders and pick up the trash in the creek, report a tree down or as the first to report a neighborhood power outage to Duke Energy. She also cares for three or a dozen or so bald cypress trees lining the street she lives on, part of a neighborhood volunteer program, setting a high bar for the rest of the volunteers--neighbors say her trees are always the most weeded and cleared!

She also welcomes new neighbors and connects them with the rest of the neighborhood via “Neighborhood Watch lists” with everyone’s name and phone number in the immediate neighborhood on her side of the park. Sioux’s easy-going spirit and friendly face makes the neighborhood a cleaner, safer and more engaged community.