Beechwood Cemetery Improvements

Marilee Martin, Senior Project Manager
919-560-4197 ext. 21285 


3300 Fayetteville Road, Durham, NC 27707 Map

Team Members

Coulter Jewell Thames
D.W. Ward Construction
Custom Stone NC

Project Description

This project include repairs and improvements recommended by the Cemeteries Assessment Study completed by Coulter Jewell Thames in February 2014.  The scope of work includes entry improvements, driveway repair, walkway improvements, additional parking, improvements to maintenance/service and soil storage areas and accessibility upgrades at the cemetery.


New Entrance with Parking

New Entrance with Parking Area Behind Gate

New Funeral Service Garden Area

New Funeral Service Garden Area

New Soil/Landscape Storage Area

New Soil_Landscape Material Storage Area

Previous Entrance Condition

Previous Entrance Conditions

Previous Funeral Service Garden Area

Previous Funeral Service Garden Area




April 2017