Aquatics Facilities Master Plan

Community Wide Aquatics Master PlanDurham Parks and Recreation is preparing an Aquatics Facilities Master Plan. The City of Durham has a focus on improving our aquatics assets and understands the importance of affordable and safe aquatic facilities for the public. This plan will help determine what to do with our current aquatic features as well as the potential for new aquatic features including indoor pools, outdoor pools and spraygrounds. This plan will rely heavily on public input.

Next Steps

City staff have been busy for the past few months talking to potential partners and finalizing the plan with the intent to present the Aquatics Facilities Master Plan to City Council in late Summer/early Fall 2017.


Voting Board Results 
Results from public workshops held during August 2016.

Aquatic Trends and Considerations Presentation 
Presented during public workshops and stakeholder meetings.

For information, contact
Jackie Turner.