West Club Boulevard Restriping Plan

Project Coordinator

Bryan Poole
Phone: 919-560-4366, ext. 36423


The public comment period has closed. The Transportation Department has provided responses to the comments received, and is working on a final determination concerning this project. 

Public Meeting

The City of Durham Transportation Department held a public meeting on Wednesday, August 17, 2016, from 6-8pm in the Fellowship Hall of Mosaic Church (2031 W Club Blvd.) to discuss a restriping plan for West Club Boulevard.

The proposed pavement marking plan was developed in coordination with residents from the Watts-Hillandale Neighborhood Association and other stakeholder groups. General consensus is now being sought in order to proceed with the restriping. If there is support for the proposed restriping plan, the road will be restriped by the end of 2016.

Project Overview

The project will restripe West Club Boulevard between Hillandale Road and Broad Street to provide bicycle lanes and allow for better pedestrian visibility at intersections, as well as alternate the availability of parking from one side of the street to the other. The shift in parking availability will occur at each block. By reducing the width of motor vehicle travel lanes, it is anticipated that speeds along West Club Boulevard will also decrease. 

This project will not resurface the road prior to restriping. All work will be done within the existing street and will only affect the availability of parking for adjacent properties. Signage designating no parking will also be added. 

Future resurfacing is anticipated after 2019 and is contingent on road condition, future funding, and determination of need by Public Works.

A decision on whether to proceed with the restriping will be made after public comments are received at the meeting.