2017 Sidewalk Repairs (SW-60)

Project Manager

Allison Molleson, EI
Phone: 919-560-4326, ext. 30296

Project Description

This project involves the furnishing of all materials, labor, equipment, tools, etc. unless otherwise specified, for the complete removal and installation of sidewalks and curb ramps at various locations throughout the city.

Project Schedule

The following schedule is estimated and may change.
  • Advertisement:  Wednesday, November 16, 2016
  • Pre-Bid Meeting:  Wednesday, December 7, 2016
  • Bid Opening:  Friday, January 6, 2017
  • Truncated Dome Repair: Complete
  • Downtown Sidewalk Repair: 
    • Rigsbee Ave: Complete
    • Mangum St: Complete
    • Cleveland St: Complete
    • Main St: August 23 - September 15, 2017
    • Pedestrian Island at Chapel Hill St and Ramseur St: TBD
    • Chapel Hill St: TBD
    • Liberty St: TBD
    • Morgan St: TBD
    • Pettigrew St: TBD
  • Locations outside of Downtown Limits
    • Kent St: September 4, 2017 - September 15, 2017
    • Club Blvd: Complete
    • Ninth St: TBD
    • Hardwick Drive: TBD
    • Geer St: TBD
    • Mangum St: TBD
  • Curb Ramp Replacement: August 2017 - October 2017
  • Construction Completion:  July 2018

Project Status

Browe Construction is currently working on repairs.
An amendment to this contract was approved by City Council on August 7, 2017 to add approximately nine locations to this contract. The locations for this amendment are listed in the above schedule with "TBD" dates. These dates will be input once a complete schedule is prepared by the Contractor. For exact limits of these locations, please see the SW-60 Amendment Vicinity Map.