FY 2015-2016--DPR Athletic Court Renovations

Jessica Kemp, Project Manager
919-560-4197, ext. 21234

Nia Rodgers, Project Manager
919-560-4197, ext. 21225


Sherwood Park, 1790 Cheek Road, Durham, NC 27703 Map
Garrett Road Park, 6815 Garrett Road, Durham, NC 27707 Map

Team Members

Tammy Brown, Parks and Recreation Department
Jessica Kemp, General Services Department
Nia Rodgers, General Services Department

Project Description


Sherwood Park:
Select athletic courts at Sherwood Park will be renovated September 2016 - April 2017. The existing futsal court (immediately adjacent to the park restrooms) will be repaved and converted into three FIFA-sized courts; two short courts (82 feet x 52 feet) and one long court (138 feet x 82 feet).  Permanent futsal goals will be installed on the long court and a spectator bleacher will be added.  The fenced basketball courts adjacent to the futsal court will also be renovated and a new spectator bleacher will be installed.  New perimeter fences will be installed around both renovated court circuits.

Garrett Road Park:
This site was identified by Durham Parks and Recreation as a priority site for resurfacing and full renovation of six double tennis courts. The renovation will allow the courts to be used for USTA and other league events and will accommodate the growing sport of pickleball.



Sherwoord Park - Futsal court conditions

Sherwood 1

Sherwood Park - Existing Conditions

Sherwood 2

Sherwood Park - Basketball court conditions

Sherwood 3

Sherwood Park - Basketball court under construction

Sherwood 4

Garrett Road Park - Tennis Courts

GRP Tennis Courts

Garrett Road Park - Existing Conditions

GRP Existing Conditions

Garrett Road Park - Tennis netting

GRP Tennis Netting

Garrett Road Park - Tennis court entry

GRP Tennis Court Entry


Sherwood Park: $282,000
Garrett Road Park: $315,000

Current Phase

Sherwood Park: Construction
Garrett Road Park: Design

Expected Completion

Sherwood Park: April 2017
Garrett Road Park: December 2017