Current Planning Activities

Duke Belt Line Master Plan

The City of Durham applied for, and was awarded, a 
Tiger Grant in 2014 to develop a Master Plan for the Duke Belt Line Trail.  The Belt Line corridor is an inactive railroad, currently owned by Norfolk Southern, that runs from northeast of downtown Durham two miles southwest to the Durham Station Transportation Center.  The Tiger Grant will allow the City of Durham to hire a consultant to develop a project-level plan consisting of:  analysis of existing conditions/features; public engagement; development of vision/goals/objectives; right-of-way, utility covenants, and easement review; Title VI/environmental justice analysis; evaluation of safety and security; analysis of economic, social and health impacts; analysis of existing bridges; development guidelines; phasing and funding strategy; and construction/maintenance cost estimates.

The City has chosen Stewart Design to assist with this planning efforts, and is beginning planning activities. The first public meeting is anticipated in Spring 2017.