Current Planning Activities

  1. 2018 Bicycle Lane Striping
  2. Durham belt Line Plan

The City of Durham has received federal funding to stripe approximately 8 miles of bicycle lanes. The funding is only for pavement markings, and will not include road resurfacing, curb/gutter modifications. 

If you have a recommended corridor, please let us know! Recommendations will be accepted through February 2, 2018. Note that the following should be considered and will be used to determine the final list: 

  • Feasibility (can bicycle facilities be added within the existing curbs)
  • Identified in the Bike+Walk Plan
  • Resurfacing Schedule (Not scheduled for resurfacing in next three years)
  • Connectivity
  • Safety
  • Equity
  • Demand

A draft list of corridors will be shared with residents and other stakeholders for feedback. Once the corridors are finalized, Alta Planning and Design has been selected to assist the City with design.