Current Planning Activities

  1. Bike+Walk Plan Update
  2. Duke Belt Line Master Plan
The City of Durham's Transportation Department is currently updating its Bicycle and Pedestrian Plans, and consolidating them into one document.  Working with consultants from Stantec, Toole Design, and Mobycon, the plan will help the City determine which bicycle and pedestrian facilities are the most critically needed to improve safety, connectivity, and improve quality of life.  It will also help the City identify the best funding strategy to streamline the process of design and implementation.

This webpage has more information about the plan as well as the current status.  As part of the plan process, we need your help!  Do you know a location where sidewalk or bicycle facility is needed?  Is there a clear gap between two facilities?  Are there places you would like to walk or bike but are currently unable to?  Let us know!  For information and to receive status updates, contact Bryan Poole.