Durham Parks and Recreation manages 68 parks. Click on a park below for more information and directions.

For a map of all parks located in Durham visit the Park Locator.

All Parks

  1. American Village Park

    American Village Park

    4703 American Dr.

  2. Bay-Hargrove Park

    Bay-Hargrove Park

    208 Hargrove St.

  3. Belmont Park

    Belmont Park

    2207 Sovereign St.

  4. Bethesda Park

    Bethesda Park

    1814 Stage Rd.

  5. Birchwood Park

    Birchwood Park

    3105 Hursey St.

  6. Burch Avenue Park

    Burch Avenue Park

    816 Burch Ave.

  7. Burton Park

    Burton Park

    1100 Sima Ave.

  8. C.M. Herndon Park

    C.M. Herndon Park

    511 Scott King Rd.

  9. C.R. Wood Park

    C.R. Wood Park

    417 Commonwealth Ave.

  10. Campus Hills Park

    Campus Hills Park

    2000 S. Alston Ave.

  11. Carroll Street Park

    Carroll Street Park

    815 Carroll St.

  12. Cook Road Park

    Cook Road Park

    602 Cook Rd.

  13. Cornwallis Road Park

    Cornwallis Road Park

    2830 Wade Rd.

  14. Crest Street Park

    Crest Street Park

    2503 Crest St.

  15. Downtown Durham Dog Park

    Downtown Durham Dog Park

  16. Drew Granby Park

    Drew Granby Park

    1100 Drew St.

  17. Duke Park

    Duke Park

    106 W. Knox St.

  18. Durham Central Park

    Durham Central Park

    501 Foster St.

  19. East Durham Park

    East Durham Park

    2500 E. Main St.

  20. East End Park

    East End Park

    1200 N. Alston Ave.

  21. Edgemont Park

    Edgemont Park

    205 S. Elm St.

  22. Elmira Avenue Park

    Elmira Avenue Park

    540 Elmira Ave.

  23. Forest Hills Park

    Forest Hills Park

    1639 University Dr.

  1. Garrett Road Park

    Garrett Road Park

    6815 Garrett Rd.

  2. Glendale Heights Park

    Glendale Heights Park

    707 W. Murray Ave.

  3. Grant Park (north)

    Grant Park (north)

    918 Grant St.

  4. Grant Park (south)

    Grant Park (south)

    1200 Grant St.

  5. Hillside Park

    Hillside Park

    1301 S. Roxboro St.

  6. Holt School Road Park

    Holt School Road Park

    4102 Holt School Rd.

  7. Indian Trail Park

    Indian Trail Park

    1701 Albany St.

  8. Lake Michie Recreation Area

    Lake Michie Recreation Area

    2802 Bahama Rd.

  9. Lakeview Park

    Lakeview Park

    3500 Dearborn Dr.

  10. Leigh Farm Park

    Leigh Farm Park

    370 Leigh Farm Rd.

  11. Little River Fishing Facility

    Little River Fishing Facility

    1500 Orange Factory Rd.

  12. Long Meadow Park

    Long Meadow Park

    917 Liberty St.

  13. Lyon Park

    Lyon Park

    1200 W. Lakewood Ave.

  14. Maplewood Park

    Maplewood Park

    1530 Chapel Hill Rd.

  15. Morreene Road Park

    Morreene Road Park

    1102 Morreene Rd.

  16. Northgate Park

    Northgate Park

    300 W. Club Blvd.

  17. Oakwood Park

    Oakwood Park

    411 Holloway St.

  18. Old Chapel Hill Road Park

    Old Chapel Hill Road Park

    3751 SW Durham Dr.

  19. Old Farm Road Park

    Old Farm Road Park

    7 Hedgerow Pl.

  20. Old North Durham Park

    Old North Durham Park

    310 W. Geer St.

  21. Orchard Park

    Orchard Park

    1000 S. Duke St.

  22. Oval Drive Park

    Oval Drive Park

    2200 W. Club Blvd.

  23. Piney Wood Park

    Piney Wood Park

    400 E. Woodcroft Pkwy.

  1. Red Maple Park

    Red Maple Park

    3320 Hinson Dr.

  2. River Forest Park

    River Forest Park

    1000 Windermere Dr.

  3. Rock Quarry Park

    Rock Quarry Park

    701 Stadium Dr.

  4. Rockwood Park

    Rockwood Park

    2310 Whitley Dr.

  5. Rocky Creek Park

    Rocky Creek Park

    1014 N. Elizabeth St.

  6. Sandy Creek Park

    Sandy Creek Park

    3510 Sandy Creek Rd.

  7. Shady Oaks Park

    Shady Oaks Park

    2400 Nebo St.

  8. Sherwood Park

    Sherwood Park

    1720 Cheek Rd.

  9. Snow Hill Road Park

    Snow Hill Road Park

    619 Snow Hill Rd.

  10. Solite Park

    Solite Park

    4704 Fayetteville Rd.

  11. Southern Boundaries Park

    Southern Boundaries Park

    100 Third Fork Dr.

  12. Trinity Park

    Trinity Park

    410 Watts St.

  13. Twin Lakes Park

    Twin Lakes Park

    439 Chandler Rd.

  14. Unity Village Park

    Unity Village Park

    2011 Matilene St.

  15. Valley Springs Park

    Valley Springs Park

    3805 Valley Springs Rd.

  16. Walltown Park

    Walltown Park

    1308 W. Club Blvd.

  17. Weaver Street Park

    Weaver Street Park

    3000 E. Weaver St.

  18. West Point on the Eno

    West Point on the Eno

    5101 N. Roxboro Rd.

  19. Westover Park

    Westover Park

    1900 Maryland Ave.

  20. Whippoorwill Park

    Whippoorwill Park

    1632 Rowemont Dr.

  21. White Oak Park

    White Oak Park

    2504 Dallas St.

  22. Wrightwood Park

    Wrightwood Park

    1301 Anderson St.