City Clerk's Office

Durham City Council At-Large Vacancy

The Durham City Council is continuing its process to fill the At-Large vacancy for the unexpired term created by former City Council Member Steve Schewel, who was elected Mayor during the 2017 municipal election. The links below are for supporting information being used in the selection process.

City Council At-Large Seat Candidate Withdrawal - January 16, 2018
7 Finalists for City Council At-Large Vacancy - January 10, 2018
Council Finalist Ballots for At-Large Vacancy - January 5, 2018
Applicant Withdrawal - January 3, 2018

Candidate Questionnaire Responses for City Council At-Large Vacancy - January 3, 2018
Applications Submitted for City Council At-Large Vacancy
Other Pertinent Information
Candidate Questionnaire for City Council At-Large Vacancy

Public Hearings and Notices
Appointed by City Council, the City Clerk is responsible for recording and maintaining all official actions, meetings and records of the City Council. The City Clerk’s Office, while providing administrative support for the Mayor and City Council members, also performs a wide variety of services to encourage and document resident interaction with their local government including:
  • Publicizing vacancies and processing applications for Council appointed boards, committees and commissions
  • Providing notice for meetings according to the N.C. Open Meetings law
  • Archiving permanent records
  • Executing contracts and other documents
  • Issuing cemetery deeds
  • Coordinating the codification of Durham City Code
  • Certifying documents for admissibility in court cases

Strategic Plan Goal

By providing professional management of city records that is accountable, efficient and transparent, the City Clerk’s Office helps support the Durham Strategic Plan goal to ensure that Durham is a Well-Managed City.