Patrol Services Bureau

  1. Central District

    Access information about the Central Command District of the Durham Police Department.

  2. Court Liaison

    The Court Liaison Officer optimizes the relationship between the court systems and the Police Department.

  3. Desk Unit

    The Desk Unit is responsible for the 24 hour operation and staffing of the desk reception area located in the lobby of Police Headquarters.

  4. District 1

    Discover operation information on the District 1 Substation.

  5. District 2

    Access information about the District 2 Substation of the Durham Police Department.

  6. District 3

    Learn more about the District 3 Substation of the Durham Police Department.

  7. District 4

    Find information on the District 4 Substation of the Durham Police Department.

  8. Partners Against Crime

    The Partners Against Crime (PAC) program promotes collaboration among police officers, Durham residents, and city and county government officials to find sustainable solutions to community crime problems and quality of life issues.

  9. Police Reserves

    Police reserves are people who volunteer to work as police officers. Reserve officers have full police authority, attend an accredited recruit academy, and meet the same training requirements as full-time Durham police officers.

  10. Watch Commander

    The Watch Commander is the lieutenant in charge of the Durham Police Department's field operations around the clock.