South Ellerbe Stormwater Project 

The site of the former Duke Diet and Fitness Center, 808 West Trinity Avenue, will be transformed into a natural stormwater restoration that will filter polluted stormwater from part of downtown and nearby neighborhoods. This restoration will benefit both the community and the environment by increasing green space, improving water quality, and improving aquatic life in South Ellerbe Creek.

Stormwater & GIS Services has been working on watershed planning and restoration efforts in several major watersheds in the City. This project is in the Ellerbe Creek Watershed which drains to Falls Lake. The restoration will help the City meet the Falls Lake Nutrient Management Strategy Rules. The rules require nutrient reduction from both new building projects and from older parts of the city. Durham's Stormwater Performance Standards for Development govern new building projects. Part of the city was built before those rules were in place. This restoration offers a unique chance to filter rain runoff in an urban area.

For information, contact Sandra Wilbur, Megan Walsh, or Lance Fontaine.

South Ellerbe Stormwater Restoration Concept Plan

Concept Plan

Meetings & Presentations

Public Information Session #2, April 2, 2018

We want your feedback! Please  take a short survey to provide your feedback on the South Ellerbe Stormwater Project Concept Plan. The results of this survey will help the project team finalize the concept plan. Please respond by May 1, 2018.

¡Queremos sus comentarios! Por favor toma esta encuesta para dar la Ciudad tus ideas sobre el plan conceptural. Por favor responda antes del 1 de Mayo de 2018. Escoja aquí para ver la encuesta en Espanol.

New! Public Info Session #2 Presentation | April 2 2018(PDF)

New! Concept Plan Renderings | April 2018 (PDF)

Design Workshop, September 27, 2017

Please use the links below to view the material presented at the Design Workshop. Comments and Questions concerning the South Ellerbe Stormwater Restoration are welcome throughout the project.

Public Meetings Summary | January, 2018 (PDF)

Design Workshop Video Recap (YouTube)

Directions for Workshop Comments (PDF)

Design Workshop Presentation | September 27, 2017 (PDF)

Design Workshop Base Map | September 27, 2017 (PDF)

Inspiration Board #1: Trails, Boardwalk, Recreation & Overlooks  | September 27, 2017 (PDF)

Inspiration Board #2: Natural Areas, Vegetation & Wildlife Habitat  | September 27, 2017 (PDF)

Inspiration Board #3: Educational Opportunities & Public Art  | September 27, 2017 (PDF)

Inspiration Board #4: A Watershed Perspective of the Project  | September 27, 2017 (PDF)

Map: A Watershed Perspective of the Project  | September 27, 2017 (PDF)

Map: Stormwater Retrofits in the Watershed | September 27, 2017 (PDF)

Case Studies | September 27, 2017 (PDF)

Public Information Session #1, July 27, 2017

Public Information Session #1 Presentation | July 27, 2017 (PDF)

Public Information Session #1 Video Recap (YouTube)

South Ellerbe Project Steps (PDF)

1950 Historic Durham Map (PDF)