Innovative & High Performing Organization

Goal: Provide professional management that encourages a culture of innovation, collaboration, and transparency to deliver quality services through an exceptional workforce.
After the economic downturn that left municipal budgets tight and the need for government services great, the interest in creative thinking about local problems is understandably intense. Urban centers, such as Durham, present a tremendous opportunity for innovations that improve quality of life for residents.
Forward-thinking public administrators are leading the way, seeking innovative programs to address acute and chronic budget shortfalls while sustaining vital functions such as transportation, public safety and maintaining essential infrastructure. Resident demand for streamlined, efficient government continues to drive Durham leaders to seek out opportunities to deliver traditional services in non-traditional ways.
What Does Success Look Like?
  • An exceptional, diverse, engaged, and healthy workforce providing quality customer service
  • Community empowered by accessible and usable information
  • Foster a culture where innovative and creative solutions promote operational efficiencies
Visit the Performance Dashboard to see current initiatives and success factors.
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