Thriving, Livable Neighborhoods

Goal: Strengthen the foundation, enhance the value, and improve the quality and sustainability of neighborhoods.
Durham has nearly doubled in size since 1990 and this growth has dramatically changed its neighborhoods. Many Durham neighborhoods have seen tremendous growth, improvement and reinvestment, while others have seen significant increases in poverty and disinvestment.
Neighborhoods are the building blocks of any city and research shows that many people connect with and feel that they have the power to improve their neighborhoods more than their city, county, state or even their nation. As such, the City of Durham must continually strive to engage neighborhoods and understand the partnerships, policies and programs that they believe will protect or improve their neighborhoods.
As with cities nationwide, Durham is struggling to accommodate all of its residents in decent and affordable housing and to provide high quality transportation alternatives. These two issues were identified as top community concerns during the 2014 Strategic Plan survey and will serve as focus areas across Durham’s neighborhoods.
What Does Success Look Like?
  • Engagement with neighborhoods ensures residents are empowered to preserve or improve the quality of their neighborhoods building connections between people and programs
  • Increase the variety of transportation choices available to Durham residents, in order to improve the access to and mobility of Durham neighborhoods
  • Promote increased access to a diversity of housing options that are safe and affordable
Visit the Performance Dashboard to see current initiatives and success factors.